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"Angels Among Us"
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Meet Our Staff

Our staff is an important part of the success of our organization. If You would like to become a sponsor and add a picture and brief description of yourself on this page please email me with information, You must help atleast one child or make a gift donation of some sort to be added to this page.


Kim Carver, Founder


Kim has been with us since the beginning. She is a songwriter and enjoys writing poetry and spending time with her two beautiful children, Steven and Savannah. 

Kim would like to take the opportunity to thank Steve, her husband, for putting aside his own dream and standing behind her and supporting her as she has worked at making her own dreams come true.

Ruby Spurlock

Ruby has 2 children, Christopher and Cymbrelee and would like to say the following: I consider my involvement with this organization to be a blessing. It's is important to help everyone, I look forward to being involved with this program a very very long time. I believe that everyone deserves the best in what ever they chose to do. I am a full time college student with the intention of using this education to help others. I enjoy baking , gardening and writing. I enjoy doing things with my family and friends. I am physically handicapped but am not letting that stop me from doing things I want to do. It may slow me down, but in the end I will succeed in all that I do. I have faced my challenges in life , but learned valueable lessons from it. That is the key, learn from what you live. May god bless each and everyone of you!!


Web Site Designer!

Mary Strope 


Mary is also a songwriter and mom. She has 4 beautiful kids, Adam, Curt, Lauren and Sydney. She enjoys spending time with her fiance', Cody, and and kids, writing poetry, and songrwriting.